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Doing business since 2010!

WORK WITH ME and meet your individual and business needs...


SJHastings  provides coaching, nonprofit consulting and writing services to individuals and businesses.


MISSION- To help visionaries reach their goals by breaking barriers to success. 


VISION- Be a reliable and residual resource for aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses.



A Christian faith-based business.

Services are provided that adhere  to the Christian belief.

Embraces the opportunity to provide services to all people.



"I had never had a coaching session before. After my first session, I was able to apply what I learned and saw immediate results in my life structure."


A. Jefferson, Administrative Assistant


"I have found Shulanda's blogs on Relationship boundaries and forgiveness to be so powerful and impactive. I would recommend anyone dealing with either of these issues to read them or use her as a coach! I particularly love how she combines her educational knowledge and expertise with her own personal experiences to give us a perspective like no other. Add to that the fact that she is a prolific writer-all reasons to check her out!"


Christy Williams



"The devotionals from Evangelist Shulanda Hastings are very insightful. She is an anointed and powerful woman of God who is definitely in tune with the Spirit."


Chantea Williams,

Greater Working Women


"I am a Christian, yet, I have had periods where I have experienced depression. My pastor made me feel like my faith wasn't  strong enough. Shulanda listened to me and didn't make me feel guilty or ashamed to talk about my feelings."


S. Jones, Survivor!