Faith-based Healthy Minds Network





Whether from a spiritual or carnal perspective, Health and Wellness starts in our mind.  In today's world, our communities are in need of many mental health, behavioral and spiritual services. There are great resources within our communities. Studies have shown that in addition to the community, there are many people that are in need of these services that are a part of a church or faith-based organization.  Unfortunately, most churches do not provide or have access to all the services that people need in order to keep their minds healthy.  We believe that along with physical health it takes spirituality (Christology) and Psychology to maintain a healthy mind.


This Network brings the two opposite ends of the spectrum to the middle and work together with churches, organizations, clergy, counselors, life coaches, therapists, social workers and other health care advocates to better serve our communities.


To assist spiritual leaders in helping members in their congregations dealing with anxiety, depression, grief and suicidal ideation. To serve as a resource to churches. To help individuals break barriers to a healthy mind.



An individual, college student, group or church may join our network by becoming a member of our network as recipient or provider. Recipients receive complimentary counseling and coaching sessions, access to online forums, discounts on products and services; books, classes, seminars and conferences.  All recipients will have access to their own Healthy Minds Coach!

Providers will be able to gain possible clients and have the opportunity to speak at churches and community organizations.



Joining is easy and VERY cost efficient.  CLICK HERE TO JOIN NETWORK.



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