Shulanda is an inspirational writer, blogger and novelist. She has published her "In the Spirit Realm" devotional messages into two books. She publishes weekly posts on her "Promoting Healthy Minds" blog that provides advocacy, coaching and tips. She is the author of the book, Marriage Thorn, which is a part of her Beauty of My Thorns novel series.


Shulanda is an expert in her field of mental health advocacy within the faith-based community. As a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, she preaches and teaches how a healthy and purposeful life starts with a healthy and renewed mind.

Healthy Minds Ambassador

As a mental health advocate, Shulanda considers herself a healthy minds ambassador to the African-American and faith-based communities. She promotes mental health through her writing and ministry. She actively works with orgainzations to advocate and plays a pivitol role in educating community and state leaders regarding relevant facts and issues pertaining to mental health in local communities.