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Shulanda J. Hastings, is an inspirational writer, novelist, mental health advocate and Christian counselor who serves as an Ambassador to the faith-based and under- served communities by helping them break mental health barriers.  She is a prophetic voice, evangelist and teacher in the Body of Christ. Shulanda accepted her call to the Gospel ministry in 2005 and was ordained in 2006. Since then, she has been utilizing her gifts of teaching, counseling and evangelizing.  She is the founder and senior ministry leader of Spirit Realm Divine Manifestation, a ministry that provides evangelistic outreach, counseling and mental health advocacy.  She also uses her writing passion to minister:  Spirit Realm was started through her weekly devotional messages “In the Spirit Realm” which has now been published in two books,  through her Beauty of My Thorns novel series and Church, Let's Talk/Ministering to Minds blog she unmasks real issues while inspiring hope, helpful resources and keys to healing.


As an entrepreneur, Shulanda provides success coaching, business consulting and professional writing services to individuals and small businesses through her sole-proprietorship, SJHastings Coachsulting Services.  Established in 2010, her business mission is "to help Believers, those believing in their vision, to break barriers to success." She does this by striving to be a reliable and residual resource for aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses. During the middle of the 2020 pandemic, Shulanda used inspiration from a new product to help ladies with pamper themselves while focus on self-care. She is the owner of Shulanda's Royal Tips, a business that she social sells Color Street Nail Strips as a Senior Independent Stylist. 


As a philanthropist and humanitarian, her service has included grassroots initiatives, community engagement and public policy. Some of her present and past  key roles have included serving as the President of DBSA  (Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance) North Mississippi, Board Chair of Tennessee State DBSA chapter, Crisis Counselor for the Memphis Crisis Center, AmeriCorps VISTA Member for the Corporation for National and Community Service, Board Member for Horn Lake Excel By 5,  and Field Advocate for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  She was appointed (February 2016) to serve as the President/CEO of DBSA Spirit Realm DeSoto County Incorporated, a nonprofit organization that provides hope, help, support and education to improve the lives of people living with mood disorders.


Because of her personal testimony, Shulanda understands the real challenge Christians can have breaking stigmatized barriers that attempt to abort their divine purpose. Shulanda believes that every barrier; marriage, family, relationships or personal can be broken through a renewed mind. She believes that all Believers have the ability to have a renewed mimd (ref. Romans 12:2); therefore, this is why she promotes healthy minds within the faith-based community through her business, ministry and writings.